Listen to the Real Life Media Podcast Network


Podcast 3-Part Mini-Series - $300 (Coaching, Producing,Recording, Editing)

*Additional costs if Real Life Media distributes content. 

Podcast 6-Part Mini-Series or Docu-Series - $600

(Coaching, Producing, Recording, Editing)

$100 per episode 

(Coaching, Producing, Recording, Editing)




The POWER of Podcasts:
• They teach.
• They motivate.
• They tell your story.
• They connect you to YOUR Tribe.
Do you have a message? Are you an expert? Do you love to educate?
YOU should be podcasting. YOU have a voice. A REAL LIFE voice that your network, your customers, your prospective customers and YOUR tribe recognizes and enjoys.
At Real Life Media we:
1. Coach/Teach - we will coach you through producing successful podcasts that your audience will consume.
2. Co-create - we co-create your podcast or podcast series to ensure your share your story and your message.
3. Edit/Produce - we will add a professional "Intro" and "Outro" to your podcast and deliver the final product ready for distribution.
Why create a custom podcast or podcast series?
Because podcasts are an easy way to consume content. Unlike Videos or Blogs your target audience doesn't have to stop what they're doing to listen to a podcast. They can listen in the car while they drive, they can listen in the morning while they are getting ready for the day and they can listen discreetly at work.
People are on the move most of the day...YOUR podcast is the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience while they continue to accomplish everyday tasks.